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"Hex Vex And The Lavender Mink compiles the group's musical obsessions at the turn of the century, droll Brit drone, the magnificent Arthur Doyle, extremely dangerous onstage pyrotechnics, the fabulous Raymond Scott, cheesy electro dub effects and, most of all, competitive and confusing American free improvisation". David Cross and Tim Poland with their friends Arthur Doyle, Nuuj (of Hilkka and Sheet), Neil Campbell (of Vibracathedral Ochestra), Phil Marshall (of Colorblind James Experience), John Schoen (of Pengo), Adam Wilcox, Lawrence Feldman, Mark Martin, John Olsen (of Wolf Eyes), Th. Metzger, Sticky Foster (of A Band), Joe Sorriero (of NOD), Coffin Kim, Gregg Boltz (of Left4Dead), Ed Wilcox (of Temple Of Bon Matin) and Richard Scott, compete with drums, bass, guitar, electronics, saxes, Clavinova, Crummar organ, violin, wood horn, electronic sounds & clips, repeater, Casio, electric birds, an old drum machine, subliminal voice track and hiss, confusing them into various formations and musical styles. With homages to Arthur Doyle by doing a Conspiracy Nation with him and one without him, and to Raymond Scott with two exquisite covers of Naked City and Coming Down To Earth.

The first Coffee in color (coverwise), after an output limited both by a scarce quantity of releases in nine years of activity (one double compact-disc, two LP records and two singles) and by the very underground nature of some of them (it is hard to know of the existence of the black single, for example, let alone the possibility to recognize it when you find it!). On this album, the project is also partly confused with the Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble.

This is also the first non-archival Elica release. A double 10" LP record set with color gatefold cover with notes and text about the band and photographs of their dangerously pyrotechnic shows, released in an edition of about 400 copies.

PRICE € 16