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THE VITAMIN B12: TWO 10" GATEFOLD SET (Elica 3VL-3708) 2x10"LP

More catchy than Dlin Dlon Cowboy. The Vitamin B12's music maintains an ingenious home-made sound in a refined bric-a-brac of experimental sound explorations, adventurous and successful juxtapositions and playful melodies and structures. This set presents 24 kaleidoscopic miniatures, like the images which adorn the cover, assembled with amazingly gracious do-it-yourself pop sensibility, groovy lounge tendencies and a passionate curiosity for noise and sound modification.

The history of The Vitamin B12 remains a mystery for us too, so that not many words can be written on that. This is its first album which is not self-released, following an obscure four-LP box set and an even more obscure double LP set, which were mysteriously released in tiny editions in England in the last decade or so.

A double 10" LP record set (as we decided that a Vitamin B12 release can only be a multiple one) with color gatefold sleeve, released in an edition of about 400 copies..

PRICE € 16

THE VITAMIN B12: TWO 10" BOXED SET (Elica BOX-3708) 2x10"LP + DVD

Special edition of 50 numbered copies of the Two 10" Gatefold Set (3VL-3708) in unique numbered boxes with paste-on print, each including a unique framed print and Alasdair Willis' eye-popping kaleidoscopic short film Pattern Plant on DVD, besides the gatefold record set with different record labels. See compact gatefold set description for more details.

PRICE € 45